The Village Nannies

"Enabling each and every child to reach their full potential"    

What Makes a Village Nanny?
To be accepted into our family of Professional Nannies you will have many exceptional qualities. You will have a nature that is caring, creative and nurturing. As a Nanny you will have a flexible approach to your work, you will be a stable, self-sufficient, self-starter with excellent communication skills. You will possess a high degree of professionalism, be organized, punctual, honest and discrete. In your work you will demonstrate an understanding of the developmental milestones in the life of a child, particularly the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language skills.

Our Service to our Nannies
We offer a wide range of positions with Client Families from full-time, part-time, live-in, live-out, permanent and temporary. We specialize in offering a free personalized service to our Nannies. The positions we offer our Nannies are the result of a thorough matching process. We take the time to very carefully consider every aspect involved, which often ensures the Family/Nanny bond which can last a lifetime. We also like to personally get to know our family of Nannies, ensuring the care and attention to detail that cannot be found through online only services or the classifieds. The safety of our Nannies is one of our highest concerns. We run background checks upon all of our potential Family Clients and for a variety of reasons, not all are accepted. Village Nannies understands that our continued success and reputation is built upon the foundation of our exceptional Nannies, combined with our specialized, professional service. We strive to always deliver a service that is ‘above and beyond’ the normal expectations of our Nannies and Families alike. If you believe you have the exceptional qualities that make a Village Nanny then we welcome you to contact us and together we will be………….

“Enabling Each & Every Child to Reach Their Full Potential”

Nanny Application
The very first step in the process of applying to become a Village Nanny is to complete our Nanny Application Form.

We carefully review each application, checking for the necessary qualities that each Village Nanny requires. Each successful applicant will then be sent a link to take the I.N.A. (International Nanny Assoc.) Basic Skills test.

After passing the I.N.A. test, we will arrange an interview for you to meet with us. We will request that you bring certain documents with you such as copies of your driver license and social security card. You will also need to supply contact information for at least three professional references, educational certificates you have obtained, character reference letters and anything else you feel might be relevant. During our interview with you, we will ask you to complete our Village Nannies Knowledge Test. The results of this test will allow us to gain a deeper, in depth understanding of how you approach your work as a Nanny.

Upon acceptance as a member of our Family of Village Nannies, we then closely review each complete profile, as we work to match individual Nannies to our current Family Client openings.

During this part of the process, we ask our Nannies to be patient. Great care and attention to detail is taken, to ensure as close a match as possible between Nanny and Family Client.

Nanny and Family Interview
As a Professional Nanny you will be expected to arrive at your interview suitably dressed. It is advisable to keep in mind that your salary is usually discussed in terms of gross pay. It is also very important to have a written Contract of Employment in place before you begin any employment with your family. Village Nannies ensures that this important step is in place as a part of our service. We are always available to both our Nannies and Client Families for any questions, concerns or just to chat.